The Official Website of
The Church of Jesus Christ

807 South Cottage Ave.
Independence, Missouri 64050
Organized by Joseph Smith Jr.
April 6, 1830
Reorganized by Alpheus Cutler
September 19, 1853

Web Site Cancellation Note 


    We have made the decision to remove the information on this site.  This web page was created to acknowledge one of the smallest groups in the Restoration movement.  Many readers of this site have asked about membership into the church and if there was a branch in their vicinity or country where they could join.  Due to the fact that we are a small group, and the only active church is located here in Independence, Missouri, we are unable to accommodate this type of request, because we feel it is necessary that any prospective members who are earnestly seeking to join our church must reside nearby where they could attend services to learn the true doctrine and beliefs of the organization.  We do not wish to mislead people into thinking that there is more than just the one branch. However, we would still welcome anyone who is in the area, or passing through, to attend our church service and/or the discussion meeting immediately following.  Thank you for understanding.


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